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Cumin is one of most important ingredient which is used in all variety of food.



In Pakistan, there is a huge variety of spices are used in cooking which enhance the taste and colors of a dish. Cumin is one of most important ingredient which is used in Pakistani, Chinese, Italian, Thai and others variety of food. Read on as we go over everything there is to know about cumin.



Chefs rely on Cumin to accentuate the sweetness of root vegetables, like carrots and beets, as well as adding complexity to vegetarian dishes. It’s a must-have for enhancing the savory flavor of rich meats like beef and mutton.



Cumin has a variety of benefits ranging from helping improve your digestion to boosting your memory. Cumin may also prevent cancer cells from multiplying and help reduce pain with its anti-inflammatory properties.Cumin might have cholesterol-lowering and antibacterial effects.


What is cumin made from?



Cumin is the dried seed of the herb Cuminum cyminum, a member of the parsley family, which is harvested by hand on an annual basis. The English name cumin comes from Latin cuminum, which was borrowed from the Greek kyminon. It can be used as a whole seed or in a ground form.



It’s a very popular spice in both Western and Chinese cooking. Cumin has a slightly sweet, warming flavor with a nutty element, and these qualities mean it’s often seen as a savory alternative to cinnamon. It works particularly well with chilli flakes in Chinese food especially, as they bolster the natural spicy flavor and add a rich and balance tone.



In Hunger’s Den, our chefs are experienced to deliver an aromatic and easy to digest food in different variety of flavors. Here we use cumin as a must ingredient like other natural items. It is our motive to provide familiar and hearty food for all of our eaters. We are here to serve you and inform you about us.

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